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We love what we do, so let’s share that with you!

To make an impact, you need to have people surrounding you who love the task at hand. We are a passionate company, always looking for adventure, and can adapt to your needs.

Video Production

We were founded on the love of visual content. Using industry-standard software (Adobe Creative Suite and more) and some of the best talent around, we create outstanding content for use across many industries.


Don’t you like it when something looks pretty and invokes a deep feeling? Well, we do too! This is why branding has been at the forefront of our projects. Video production requires a deep synergy of branding. We discovered some clients don’t quite have that, so we stepped in to help out.


Our business started on YouTube. We created content for ourselves and others. This came with a big learning curve as we needed to understand SEO, best practices, and more. We persevered and came out with deep knowledge of the inner-workings of social media.

Are we a good fit?

We’d like to say so 🙂 Our company was founded by Jack Bontatibus. He has a knack for learning and has used that to progress his career and this business. We are highly skilled and motivated to learn. If you need something done that is foreign to us, we will learn it and enlist help (freelancers/contractors) to get the project finished to the highest level quality.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t talented. We have years of experience working in and for different businesses. Media companies, local businesses, startups, and more are on our list of projects.

Contact us

Shoot us an email. We will get back to you right away! Feel free to ask us anything on your mind (even our favorite types of ice cream).